About Sparrow

Sparrow Risk Management is India’s fastest growing company in Engineering Risk Management and only one company in this domain to have its own Industrial Digitalization Platform “IndustryOS”.

We leverage experience of working with more than 200 clients globally and more than 750 major projects with blue-chip companies.

We work with almost all possible industry sectors, started in 2012, we cater Industrial EHS, Risk Engineering and digitalization needs. The rationale for starting Sparrow was to bridge the dots perspective EHS and core engineering. The reason for growth was our capability to see it way ahead of competition and then a superbly planned execution of ideas with a capable team. We maintained our tag for fastest growing company even after 8 years of inception due to the hunger and capacity building.

The persistence and passion towards technology allowed us to keep looking for the problems which would have catered our foundation clients to solve their real-world challenges, which led us to invest in IndustryOS – seeded internally and is now available for deployment, with internal core competency of technology and software development.

After working with multinationals as well as MSMEs, we understand that – Digitalization is inevitable. Within the past 3 decades, Digital systems have grown exponentially. With that the amount of data that is generated has grown and has emerged as the new currency for the industrial revolution and shall be required for paced decision making.

Our vision is to provide world class solutions around Industrial problems – with our modern approach to risk management and technological innovations.

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Vision from Directors


With a team of 50 young engineers, we are used to a fun, energetic and cheerful environment at our office. With a dynamic atmosphere where everyone contributes and each one takes ownership of their work, we are not just colleagues at sparrow, we are a family. With a go getting attitude to take challenges head on and a number of different verticals to improve skills, we are a never stopping bunch of young enthusiasts, dedicated to expanding the boundaries of Risk Management & Industrialisation.

Sparrow Risk Management

Internal Reflection - Rohit Khadtare

Sparrow Risk Management

Internal Reflection – Akhil Srivastava