1EHS Insights Report 2021 (Click here to download the full report)

This year’s 1EHS Insight Report (edition II) is deeper and more data driven, it mesmerizes your thoughts on endless possibilities of growth in EHS. It focuses on future trends, perception & possibilities in EHS perspective Personal Career & Growth, Sustainability, Role of technology, Process Safety, Road Safety to name a few. We have also updated the data nodes for career orientation & related educational institution demand along with global certification indexes.

Click here to download the full report.

Digital twinning, the mapping of a physical asset to a digital platform, is one of the latest technologies to emerge from Industry 4.0. It may have two sets of data inbuilt – static and dynamic.(IndustryOS)

Static data consist of data which inherited by virtue of machine construction, engineering design, RFQ / URS needs – such as Specifications, Process Parameters, Design Parameters etc. Whereas dynamic data are process and operation data collected while real time operations via sensors or, swarm tech.