Workflows backed with iLOL data layer over layout Analytics - of static and dynamic data all functions - hardest to achieve.
Collaboration that let you focus on production
It is the most comprehensive module of IndustryOS. This signifies the name - Industry Operating System. Founded on the iLOL foundation - perfect digital twin with workflow management of the factory and commercial infra in single suit. Includes Operations, Maintenance & EHS in collaborated workflow designed to meet individual function need along with VMS. IndustryOS Sapphire -
A of Digital Transformation
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What is IndustryOS Sapphire?

It lets you Digitize and then Digitalize the complete factory and facility (including commercial buildings) with all their functions – machines, people, process with inclusion of operation, maintenance, environment, health & safety of people. And the same shall have different interface with relevant information for different teams such as factory, regional and global corporates. And it starts with the most basic thing of our facilities – the layout and data.
It intelligently manages data and information integration & analytics to provide a single umbrella push to the world of Digital Transformation. it is scalable to all possibility of IOT & industry 4.0. you can scale it anytime.

  • Collaborated Workflow
  • Custom Analytics
  • AI & ML Add ones
  • Data Analytics and Visualization
  • Includes VMS

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Each set of functional workflow are integrated with required data sets automatically.

As it is based on iLOL – it has all relevant data & information sets perspective machines, layout, people & processes.

Imagine the analytics originating from workflows with no latency of data (static or, dynamic).


Data Depth

Depth of Data - Specs, engineering parameters, process & EHS information. Your imagination our delivery.

More than 30% Impact

Cumulative >30% impact on efficiency and cost to manage Operation, Maintenance and EHS.


Process Flow, OEE, Line Effectiveness, OEE impacts, Management, Line & Machine Status and scalable to IOT, Maintenance & EHS integrator


Preventive Maintenance planner, TPM Compliant, Breakdown & CAPA, EHS & Process Integration, VMS, Inventory


Compliance, Audit Planner, CAPA & Gap tagger, All Safety Indices, Work tracker, planner & KPI Manager and many more.

Data availability

Access real time data and information with zero time lag with just a single click on desired function.

Manage life cycle of outsourcing

Capture Impact - for analytics

All function data collaborate (static & on scaling dynamic too) to create first in class analytics & decision making insights on all 3 functions.

  • Job/Production Control
  • Plant Utility Management
  • OEE & EE Tracker with least user interface
  • Record Keeping
  • IoT Enabled Data Logging
  • Video Based Data Analytics
  • Locate Similar Asset Across plants
  • Asset tracking Vs. OEE – Cost Saving Model
  • Preventative Maintenance Plannign
  • Auto PM Calendar Generation
  • Auto Check-up/ Auditing of Maintenance Task Closure
  • OEE & EE data availability
  • WCM – Based Maintenance
  • Inventory Management System
  • ISO Methodology for Maintenance Task Closure
  • Buying Hardware & Integration of Vendors
  • Intelligent EHS Management (Planner & Tasker)
  • LOTO
  • MOC as per CCPS
  • Global & Corporate Compliance
  • Chemical Management
  • GRI Compliance
  • Multiple Data Maps – HAC,QRA,LP
  • Environment Compliance & Data Logging
  • Area & Machine Specific Data
  • Vendor Management System & Inventory Management
  • Employee Workload Level Indicator
  • Customized Report Formats
  • Training Management
  • Mobile & Web Access
  • Specific SOPs & Guidelines
  • Collaborated Data
  • Workflow Automation
  • Specialised Technical Help from – IndustryOS Tech Team
  • Multi Site Performance Tracking At one MIS
  • Google Voice
  • Individual and Plant Level KPIs
  • Incident & Near Miss Reporting
  • Real time Task Monitoring & Planning
  • Document Control
  • Productivity linked all key Depts. Including HR
  • Video Analytics

A of Digital Transformation

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