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IOT Advisory

The IoT Technology Advisory provides Industry leaders with a Strategy, Architecture roadmap, and plan to integrate new or enhanced productivity into their production environment. IoT is vast and it is important to know how to use it, what to use and how much to invest. Informed decisions would help with returns on investments. With IoT enabled tools and machines, always stay up to date with real time data monitoring and damage control when the behavior of machines deviate from the normal routine. IoT basically opens up a huge area where interconnectivity can be used to improve the existing Operational, Maintenance & Safety capabilities thus increasing profits and improving overall safety of the site.

Some insights over Digital Strategy


Reduction in inventory levels expected after Industry 4.0 adoption


Increase in Productivity expected from the first wave of adopters


Manufacturers expected to adopt industry 4.0 in 2020 than the figures in 2016 – 33% to 72%


The number of manufacturers making significant progress with the adoption of IIoT into their production processes as of 2015

What we Offer?

Demonstrating the transformation potential of IoT to business management, analyse the uniqueness of your business to develop plausible IoT use cases

As per the need to the functionality of a future IoT solution, design a flexible and scalable IoT architecture tailored to support your specific business objectives.

To maximize user experience, allowing you to climb to the top of your industry by assisting you in validating the effectiveness of the solution.

Developing an IoT solution roadmap- break the desired deliverables into specific tasks to create a structured visual representation of implementation



Determine capabilities needed to achieve goals for IoT scalability and performance.


Review existing Architecture and assess Technology gaps.


Develop an OT and IT roadmap and implementation plan.

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