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Industry 4.0 strategy

Industry 4.0 strategy enables Business owners to better control and understand each and every aspect of their Operation, and helps them to leverage data availability to boost productivity, improve processes, and drive growth.
From business perspective, it will create more competition which will force the companies to focus more on consumer happiness, quality and delivery. The consumers will have more say and will define the services and products in the market.

Industry leaders have already started implementing Digital Technologies into their firms and have found it immensely helpful. IoT can help in gathering data from each and every machines, remote locations and store in a single cloud based server, which can be analyzed using advanced data analytics and prediction tools to take gainful insights, predict failures & accidents and improve the overall efficiency, productivity & safety.

Some insights over digital transformation Industry 4.0 strategy 


Reduction in inventory levels expected after Industry 4.0 adoption


Increase in Productivity expected from the first wave of adopters


Manufacturers expected to adopt industry 4.0 in 2020 than the figures in 2016 – 33% to 72%


The number of manufacturers making significant progress with the adoption of IIoT into their production processes as of 2015

What we Offer?

Industry 4.0 Exploration -Collaborative initial consultancy with focus on feasible outcome.

Uniquely designed platform with a concept that refers to the connections between people, data, process and machines as they relate to manufacturing.

Industry 4.0 solutions give industries the ability to predict when potential problems and machine failure are going to arise before they actually happen.

Industry 4.0 solutions give manufacturers the ability to predict when potential problems are going to arise before they actually happen.

Benefits Industry 4.0 strategy 

Cloud Computing -

With increase in data sharing and improving access to data across the globe, Cloud Computing has proved an inevitable choice. Data storage and data processing is improving the productivity of plants.

System Integration

With Industry 4.0, it will become easier for the different departments to work together and improve data sharing.


Simulations will be used extensively to test the products before installations, reduce setup times and downtimes.


Additive manufacturing
Better tools and systems that are up for producing smaller batches with no extra costs or minimal extra costs.


Big Data – With IoT, the increase in data will be exponential. To counter that increase, big data analytics will be required to process such large amounts of data and get useful insights which can help decision making.


Augmented Reality – With a whole layer of Data additional to the physical world, accessing data and working simultaneously is becoming easier.

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