Easy reporting Report incidents, near misses and safety violations using simple pre-defined forms in mobile application.
Effective Closure Ensure the actionable elements against reported event is properly implemented and closed.
Workflow Standardize and streamline safety incident reporting and investigation workflows.
Reduce incidents and make your workplace safer by reporting and tracking incident, near miss using single click. Improve safety culture by reporting near miss. Ensure effective implementation of corrective and preventive actions.
Incident Reporting & Management
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Incident Reporting and Management

The Incident Reporting and management application enables you to collect data of incidents, creating an accurate report of the event and allowing the organization to identify root causes and learning points, implement corrective actions, and ensure proper incident notification up the internal chain-of-command as per applicable standard and regulations. Application support all Root Cause Analysis (RCA) methodologies.

  • Record video, capture images
  • Manage on desktop and mobile both
  • Quick dashboard to monitor reported events, action taken
  • Push notification in case of severe incident
  • Get meaningful insights
  • Hosted on secure cloud server

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Identify areas needing the most attention. Analyse data related to incidents, including leading indicators, to make better decisions.

Efficient Process

Enables accurate and efficient incident management, by collecting and communicating the information quickly.

Effective CAPA

Option of Corrective & Preventive action prevents the occurrence of similar incidents and same works as knowledge base.

Interactive UI

Simple UI makes it more adoptable and easy to use. Simplify the process of data collection.


Alert EHS owners to take appropriate action through instant notifications & alerts.

Asset Tagging

Define ownership of area/machines and get customized notification as per hierarchy.

Robust Investigation

With all information geo tagged and Time stamped, it reduces the chances of data tampering, thus making Incident Investigation effective.

Safety metrics

Empowering data analytics to highlight the focus areas to address issues at early stage.

Manage your Incident Reporting and Investigation in a thorough and effective way.

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