Integrated Info
Designed to integrate all EHS compliance requirement at once place with interactive interface.
Compliance monitor
Monitor & track by setting review periods for risk registers with automatic reminder notifications as per ownership.
Risk Reduction
Increases the overall productivity and safety of employee by reducing the risk by 12%.
Take your EHS journey to a new level by using EHS tool customized for your needs. It helps to make smarter business decisions, reduce costs and increase efficiency with a ROI that can be measured through tangible business results.
Web based Digital EHS
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EHS Management System

EHS management software streamlines the Monitoring, Reviewing, and Tracking of EHS elements, KPIs and indexes at site as per internal and global norms. Improve the level of safety awareness and increase the workforce engagement with EHS software to enhance the overall safety culture at site. Enables you to significantly lower Incident rates and Operating costs while increasing productivity. It provides an easy-to-use friendly interface for site employees to quickly log and retrieve EHS data.

  • 12+ Elements from EHS
  • Automated activity planner
  • Compliance with GRI
  • Safety Incident Trends
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Web & Mobile compatible
  • Dashboard with 25+ EHS indexes
  • No user limitation

EHS Elements

Compliance Manager

Easily record, monitor and report all your organisation’s legal, statutory, regulatory and other internal compliance issues at single click.

Safety Incident Trends

Get analysis on the incidents and near miss, that happened in the past to identify areas needed more attention, repetitive accidents and improve safety of the plant.

Audit Management

Plan and schedule for individual members, keep track of leading and lagging parameters and improve overall safety with safer operations.

Training Management

Automated training scheduler, considering the trends of incidents, near-miss, audit observation and non-compliance.

Environment Management

Keep a tab on environmental parameters, analyse & maintain track of results, and validate compliance as per internal & regulatory norms.


Informative dashboard covering 25+ indexes, with focus on leading and lagging parameters as per global standards."


The web application interface is user friendly & intuitive, thus enhance the acceptance among all level of employees.

Video Analytics

Software is ready to use the video analytics tool, which helps in remote audit management and remote data access.

EHS Digitalization - Track what really matters.

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