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Knowledge in
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of your Organization’s
Proprietary Documents,
Standards, Policies, Docs,
Checklists, Reports,
Guidelines, PDFs etc.
Sparrow AI Engine & Vector

EHS: Your internal docs & global standards if you choose

Connect to your Data lake, Servers, Database for Operations Insight.

Key resourcing automatically summarized from Data- real insight –say no dashboards.

Scale it to your Sustainability reporting & BRSR reporting

Intuitive to Use – Fully Managed

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Key Problem Statement: Unlocking Knowledge Trapped in Text with Generative AI Chatbots

Our Use Case:

Vast amount of information stored in existing document libraries, extracting and applying that knowledge can be incredibly time-consuming and inefficient. Traditional search methods often yield overwhelming results or fail to capture the nuances of information, making it difficult to find specific answers or insights. This problem is further compounded by the growing volume of documents and the limitations of human cognitive abilities to process them effectively.

Knowledge Extraction and Understanding:

Current AI models struggle to fully grasp the context and meaning of complex documents, leading to inaccurate or incomplete responses.

Bias and Fairness

Chatbots trained on biased data can perpetuate harmful stereotypes and discriminatory practices.

Explainability and Trust

Users need to understand how the chatbot arrives at its answers to build trust and confidence in its capabilities.

Integration and Workflow

Seamless integration with existing document management systems and user workflows is crucial for practical adoption.

Why Generative AI?

Conversational Efficiency Elevated

According to research conducted by IBM, Generative AI chatbots have the capability to manage ten times the volume of interactions compared to traditional chatbots.

Grasp Intent, Inspire Engagement

AI chatbots can personalize user interactions through data analysis, thereby enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Real-time Responsiveness

In the domain of addressing diverse customer inquiries, the Gen AI chatbots demonstrate remarkable efficiency, reducing response times by 80% when compared to traditional methods.

Scalability Redefined

AI chatbots can effortlessly expand their capacity to accommodate any volume with ease.

Time for

Data pertaining to 2000 users.

31 Months Equivalent / Month

INR 9,30,000 /month*

INR 12.5 (USD 0.15)


Time for

Data pertaining to 2000 users.

Gen AI vs Conventional Chatbots

Generative AI Chatbots

1. Gen AI is Innovative: Continuous learning from user interactions

2. Gen AI bots are versatile: Adaptability across every platform & interaction

3. Gen AI bots emulate human interaction: Natural & Engaging

Conventional Chatbots

1. Conventional bots are limited: Scripted but limited

2. Conventional bots are rigid: Task-specific & predictable interaction

3. Conventional bots lack human touch: Robotic responses

Scaling it Beyond.

Future Tech Stack

Tech Flow

Vector creation

Reverse Vectors


Transformer Model


Natural Language

Multi Model Conversion

Agent Multiplier

Text and context set

Machine learning and Gen AI Umbrela

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