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IndustryOS Coral -


The workflows are intelligently created to manage tasks, compliances and data upkeep along with managing all major KPI globally known. We have also managed to match almost all global standards to manage each elements of EHS compliance, standards, & norms. It remains tagged to all machines, areas and people associated automatically. It helps keeping track of your safety incidents with powerful data collection and analysis.

The intelligent workflow remains customizable to core to the company’s DNA.

 Sparrow Infinity coral-ehs-image-2 Sparrow Infinity coral-ehs-image-2
  • Manage and maintain warehouse machinery
  • EHS compliance with respect to warehouses
  • Manage multiple Warehouse from a single location

Explore Coral Benefits

 Sparrow Infinity coral-ehs-image-3 Sparrow Infinity coral-ehs-image-3

All EHS activities can be viewed with a simple click, Audit reports stored for the plant which can be viewed from across the world by the corporate heads. It comes with world class task manager and teams can be created, clubbed to achieve objectives.


 Sparrow Infinity Asset management Sparrow Infinity Asset management

Asset Management

20% improvement in Asset longevity

 Sparrow Infinity Audit Calendar Sparrow Infinity Audit Calendar

Audit planner

Plan, track and complete audits with ease

 Sparrow Infinity Maintenance Sparrow Infinity Maintenance


Ensure proper maintenance and longevity of all your machines at your warehouse

 Sparrow Infinity Compliance per GRI Sparrow Infinity Compliance per GRI

Compliance as per GRI

Manage GRI compliance, get notified incise of non compliance

Completely digitise EHS, Set long term goals and set new benchmarking levels

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