Dashboard Simple, user friendly Dashboard with focus on leading and lagging parameters as per global standards. Cassette model Transfer responsibilities to new workers from older employees with a single click Customization Easily customize features based on your requirement with option of incorporating more features whenever required Let the AI enabled, Smart software - Coral manage your
EHS. It will take care of all the components of EHS
like Compliance, audits, Safety incidents and reports
in a standardized and organised way.
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IndustryOS Coral

Based on iLOL, Digital Twin Technology which merges asset, people & process. The workflows are Intelligently created to manage tasks, compliances and data upkeep along with managing all major KPI globally known. We have also managed to match almost all global standards to manage each elements of EHS compliance, standards, & norms. It remains tagged to all machines, areas and people associated automatically. It helps keeping track of your Safety Incidents with powerful data collection and analysis.

The Intelligent workflow remains customizable to core to the company’s DNA.

  • Cloud based as well as premises
  • Leading & Lagging Parameters
  • Incident Reporting
  • Multiple standards – National as well as International
  • Advanced Alerts and notifications

Explore Coral Benefits

All EHS activities can be viewed with a simple click, Audit reports stored for the plant which can be viewed from across the world by the Corporate heads. It comes with world class task manager and teams can be created, clubbed to achieve objectives.


Audit Calendar & Planning

Keep track of leading and lagging parameters and improved wellbeing & Brand perception with safer Operations in range of 3 to 7%.

CAPA Management

Eliminate Cause of Non-Conformity & Undesirable actions.

Safety Incident Trends

Keep track of all incidents from all over your plant for better action plan.

Activity Planner

Provides the ability to view tasks for any time period. It displays own to-do-list and the dates each activity needs to be completed by.

KPI Tracking

Track the performance of your personnel.

Process Enabler

Enables you in smoothening entire EHS Management system, Digitizing capabilities to realize internal Efficiency, Safety, and Compliance gains.

Training Management

Plan and manage regulatory and best practice training to reduce risk and enhance Productivity.

Compliance Management

Track, Monitor, and Audit whether business processes are aligned with statuary requirements, Organizational policies, and applicable standards.

  • Audit Calendar & planning
  • Audit Management- Reporting (.xlsx and manual), People & machine tagging
  • Permit to work system- Raise, review and track
  • CAPA Management
  • Daily Safety logs
  • Lockout and Tagout (LOTO)
  • Safety meeting and safety round-ups
  • Check safety deviations (area & machine linked)
  • Safety Incident trends
  • OEE-Impact due to safety clearance
  • Management of change (MOC) as per CCPS Guidelines
  • Manpower utilization status
  • Real time view of machine status
  • Task assignment and Monitoring
  • Compliance Management – Global and Corporate Level
  • Compliance as per GRI
  • One click incident reporting
  • Training Management- Trainer and Trainee both
  • Environment Management
  • Individual and Team KPI tracking
  • Interactive Dashboard consisting Leading and Lagging parameters
  • Chemical Management
  • RFQ Creation
  • HAZOP study

Completely Digitize EHS, Set long term goals and set new Benchmarking levels

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