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IOT Software Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects, connecting devices to a computer network to make them intelligent and interlinked. This allows in collecting and exchanging data, control devices or set a device’s rules of action remotely. IoT enables users to reimagine their business processes and models with embedded IoT data and services.

IoT product delivery consists of three consecutive stages:

  • The integration of the device and software with the entire work environment.
  • Testing device functions, software, and connections with the required environment.
  • Adapting the prototype to industrial production.
  • Smart devices are only as smart as the code which enables them. Our team will help you in the software design process for all your projects by guiding you through the discovery phase.

Some insights over Digital Strategy


More business investments & spending to be done on IoT in 2020

21 billion

Estimated number of IOT devices by 2025


Organizations that have introduced IoT technology have improved their efficiency by doing so.


Industries planning to use Iot devices

What we Offer?

Developing an IoT strategy to prevent data misuse at every level of an IoT ecosystem: Device, Data, Operational Technology security, and more.

Identifying the use case and recognize new Technologies and services suitable for integration with existing platforms.

Testing of the solution by Implementing PoC before rolling it across your entire Business environment.

To choose the Technology stack required to address Business needs efficiently and cost-effectively, as well as select reliable Technology for Integration.



Increase Operational efficiency and cost reduction – Drive business outcomes by applying Intelligent Technologies which help professionals in monitoring equipment in addition to minimizing the downtime and risky factors.


Reimagine your business model and revenue streams – Encourage open innovation in your ecosystem, while keeping core processes stable, and thus providing new benefits for your customers.


Workplace safety – Embedded sensors and wearables help workers in high risk environments monitor real time data helping them identify possible threats.


Enhance Productivity – Helps organizations in calculating the most productive hours of their employees so that important meetings and tasks can be scheduled during those hours. IoT based apps can also help in management procedures, automate routine based functions, coordination among employees during technical disruptions, repairs, etc.

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