IOT Hardware Integration
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IOT Hardware Integration

Every business nowadays is a Technology business with opportunities and challenges. Experience in IOT software development alone is not enough to produce successful products. Right products need to be designed without costly mistakes. Adding Hardware systems aggregator is key to an enterprise success. However, only about 20% of Product managers have Hardware experience even though 76% of them are familiar with managing Software products.

Normally, Hardware integrator requires four basic components:

  • Hardware – the physical device or entity from where data is extracted. Eg: thermometer, camera, etc.
  • A Sensor – the device that converts the analogue signal from the Hardware into digital data which can be processed by a computer
  • A Connector – to transfer the information between the Hardware and a computer. Eg: USB, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Software – program that tells the Hardware what to perform

Some insights over Digital Strategy

41 billion

IoT Devices expected to be in the world by 2027


Of industrial manufacturing companies are using or planning to use IoT devices.


Number of devices which are added to the existing number of devices connected to internet every second

90 Zettabytes

Data expected to be created by 2025 from IoT Devices

What we Offer?

Developing an IoT strategy to prevent data misuse at every level of an IoT ecosystem: device, data, operational technology security, and more.

To specific the challenges you want to address and the benefits you intend to gain with IoT integration.

Testing of the solution by Implementing PoC before rolling it across your entire Business environment.

Verify the IOT Hardware integration with existing Hardware/Software at the site.


Database & Block storage management

Quick and Simple Reporting

Automatic alerts

Increases overall Productivity in a workplace

Decrease Business costs by way of Maintenance, lesser Manufacturing and Engineering costs, Inventory management

Device and Platform management, Advisory services, System design and Architecture, third party API Management services, Application management services

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