Complete Database Find all machine, people & process related data with a single click to streamline operation process. Monitor Productivity Track overall effectiveness (OEE/EE) keeping manpower utilization in loop. It will assimilate all aspect of Lean manufacturing. Use your Data Efficiently Optimize operational efficiencies through better workflow of core manufacturing activities. Improve the plants output by streamlining your production which helps in efficient planning, monitoring and evaluating of individual operations and processes. IndustryOS Unakite - Improved production Tracking & Analytics Request A demo Watch IndustryOS foundation industryOS Unakite
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industryOS Unakite

Improve your Operations handling capacity with the Industry OS Unakite. With a complete Digitization of your data, be in control of the whole Operation right from your office. Industry OS Unakite features all the tools you need to get ahead of all your competitors and maximizing your production. It enables you to become more sustainable and profitable across Production and maximize asset, Production and Supply chain performance.

  • Real time productivity information
  • Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve Productivity
  • Powerful AI assisted analysis of production
  • Quality Management system
  • Data driven assistance

Explore Unakite benefits


Set your productions targets and monitor your OEE & EE accordingly to achieve the desired results


Dashboard & MIS

Visualization of various operations related parameter through World-class MIS. Offers a multilayer dashboard for Global, Regional & Plant level.

Real time Task monitoring

Get data about the production and power consumption data in real time for individual machines.

Production Quality Management

Manage the overall quality with use of advanced AI and Machine learning.

KPI Tracker

Keep track of performance for all your personnel.

Customized notification for critical events

Get notified in case of any critical event such as break down, machines below critical efficiency.

Data driven decision assistance

Use data analyzed by expert algorithms to make informed decisions.

Resource Planning Assessment

Plan Resources and their usage over to ensure proper flow of production.

Report and insight

Generate insights and reports using the data collected from all machines.

  • Operation scheduling, Planning & Execution system
  • Resource Planning Assesment
  • Data driven decision assistance
  • OEE / EE – Productivity status
  • Minimum human interface OEE/EE measurement System
  • Check impact on OEE due to Operation, EHS & maintenance
  • Production Quality Management
  • Real time equipment/Line operational status monitoring
  • Real time equipment/Line operational status monitoring
  • Training scheduler and Tracker
  • Environmental Status (Chemical and Pollution)
  • Utility Consumption monitoring
  • One Click Information aggregator System
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Alert to all stakeholders in case of non-compliance
  • Customized notification for critical events
  • Collaborated data for EHS & Maintenance
  • Real time task Monitoring and planning
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • KPI Tracker
  • Incident reporting tool
  • Vendor Management system
  • Report and insight
  • Activity logs

Get the best out of your machines

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