Visualize P&ID and Interconnection All 14 elements are weighted against international workflow & standard requirements. Such as MOC is derived from CCPS guidelines and it can be customized (any 14) as per your organizational need. Sparrow uses its core learning and global standards to derive best for you. Complexity of MOC & Mechanical Integrity We resolved the complexity and made it super easy with data sets, international standard based smooth workflow and inherent customization. Your organization MOC and MI need depending the type of Industry shall be built in the IndustryOS. Visualize P&ID and Interconnection Most critical and key to adoption of a modern software suit is visual connection as a user and relation you draw to take decisions, discuss and make inference. It shows all possible connections and related info to manage your PSM parameters & off course it is customizable. With ease covers all 14 elements of PSM based on OSHA. Ruby helps you creating a journey to achieve OSHA goals.
The iLOL - information layered on layout distinct it from all nearest competition. Data is so fluently picked up to create a smooth error free workflows.
Each elements are customised as per industrial sectors and end user requirement. We bring your organization's DNA into our customization options.
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Why IndustryOS Ruby?

IndustryOS Ruby is the journey to achive your PSM goals and then sustain it. It gives you correct techincal data bases, automated workflows required to adhere to PSM journey, reduces human error & confirms right track. Most importatnly it gauges your journey towards the goals, KPIs on live data & remains updated on real time. one last thing it shall customize it self to your organizational need.

  • Complete PSM life cycle.
  • World best techical & data depth
  • RFQ & Vendor relations integrated to adhere all PSM needs
  • Real time track on PSM journey
  • All elememts coverage except trade secret.

Explore Ruby benefits

Layout based mark-ups for PSI (Process Safety Info) For a succesful PSM implementation PSI plays the biggest role for planning, implementing and defining accurate delivery of each PSM element. Whatsoever your factory type may be PSI has its own critical importance. Our PSI informations are linked to Process, Machines, Layout and People makes it extermely easy to be used processed, retrieved & use in the workflow.


Work FLow

Machine & area specific workflows Link all emelements with correct collaboration & data depth in sycn with iLOL

Factory Integration

Integrate your world wide factory sites - track together Work together with your global factories

Multiple interface

Multiple interfaces - management, factory & corporate All relevant information on custom interface

Cumtom PSM

PSSR, SOP modules, Audit Compliance, EPR & Incident Investigation Modules

KPI Tracker

Global and local KPIs with People and Asset included

Real time MIS

Real Time and Alerts

Custom element selection

Select what you need out of PSM elements


Contractors, Employee Participation 100% as per your need

Never let Downtimes impact your Production targets

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