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With IndustryOS Quartz?

Implement the latest technology to improve the health of your machines. With equipment level data tracking, know when and which machine requires maintenances, pinpoint specific conditions that caused down time and monitor the whole production flow. Improve the decision-making process by employing real time data tracking & monitoring, analysis to reach data driven decisions.

  • Reduce Downtime
  • History of maintenance & break downs
  • Automated inventory management for maintenance
  • IndustryOS expert 24*7 help
  • Plan and manage downtimes efficiently
  • Reduce MTTR(mean time to repair) and MCTR (mean cost to repair)

Explore Quartz benefits

Single click to know about your machine health and downtimes.

Track the failures and predict downtimes with IOT based data collection and analytics.


Smart Planner

Auto preventive (PM) and predictive (PdM) maintenance calendar generation based on maintenance history.

Maintenance linked Inventory

Always keep track of all tools and extra equipment needed during maintenance.

Machine level Maintenance history

Find service records for individual machines with complete records of part failure and replacements

Standardised maintenance as per TPM & WCM

Complete maintenance procedures to increase the total life of machines

Data Driven Assistance

It provides additional data and insight to assist which machine require what level of focus and effort.

Activity Logs

Track your daily task, upcoming maintenance and reported breakdown with just a single click.

IndustryOS expert Help

24*7 Expert help from experts in case of doubts associated with any breakdowns, maintenance or software

Vendor Management tool

Automate vendor management with re-orders issued according to skill set and expertise.

Never let Downtimes impact your production targets

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