Make your existing work permit smart and intelligent with most advanced software and pre-defined workflow. Add the topping of IOT integration and ensure the effectiveness of process with credible insights.
Streamline PTW process Reduces approval time by 70% and increases employee productivity.
EHS Knowledge base
Forms for risk assessment, reporting of events comes pre-defined as per global standards.
IOT Enabler Track the movement of external/internal workforce, time spent in each work zone using RTLS.
I- Permit to Work- Accelerate
your PTW system
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What is i-Permit to work

Turn existing Permit to Work process into a valuable data source, which leads back to incidents and improves worker safety and overall productivity. Make permit to work process simple and hassle free. Request form anywhere using a mobile phone or tablet. The software is ready for IoT integration, which enables it to track the data perspective geo location, to get real time location of workforce, pre-fed risk assessment as per hazard.

  • Configurable approval workflow
  • Integrated action manager
  • Advanced Lockout & Tagout (LOTO)
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Automatic notification and alerts
  • Secure clod database
  • User friendly UI

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Features and Capabilities


Automatic reporting for work in-progress, closed work depending upon the employee hierarchy and approval flow. It makes the process unassailable.

Secure Database

Store and retrieve permit to work data instantly from a secure cloud server. Keeps track of permit and make process reliable and efficient. Stay compliant during audits.

Real Time locating System

Ready to integrate with RTLS (real time locating system) system for complete mapping of workforce engaged in PTW.


The software is ready for IOT integration, which enables it to track the data perspective geo location and other elements.

EHS Knowledge Base

Depending upon type of permit and work conditions, there comes with Pre-fed details of risk, Hazard, related checklist and control measures to be taken.

Alerts & Notification

Provide real time alerts in case of any non-compliance and approval flow as per hierarchy.

Customized Workflow

Software comes with pre-defined workflow as per Indian and Global standards, further this can be customized.

Export data

Export the requested permit in any format or share directly using email and OneDrive.

Leverage the Technology to change the way Permit to Work system works.

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