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Digital Tool

With growing number of small businesses, Digital tools are the factors helping businesses stay on par in the market. Businesses are using digital tools to increase their reach & consumer base without incurring high expenses that would be required if had to manage the same with additional people.

Business owners and industries can gain a lot of insights on using Data analytics, Cloud computing and IoT, combining them with AI & Machine learning. With increase of automated factories and smart devices, data collection has increased. Handling such large amount of data requires efficient analytical tools to gain usable insights from that data, make decisions backed by the data. Digital tools will become the main growth drivers of business owners as they can directly compete with peer businesses and succeed in keeping their costs down in the long run.

Some insights over Digital tools


Companies say digital transformation has a positive business impact and is profitable


Of digital transformation initiatives will be supported by AI capabilities


Companies say digital transformation is a matter of survival


While 52% of companies plan to cut or defer investments because of COVID-19, just 9% will make those cuts in digital transformation

What we Offer?

Accelerated Smart Manufacturing with Digital Twining of Machines and customized workflow to get real-time control of equipment and information.

End to end development of product and service initiatives with support from the initial idea through to industrial implementation.

Customized development of Digital tools with the loads of benefits, best ROI, low operational and maintenance costs, functional and security proof.

Outlining required modifications to people and processes to enable and sustain the Digital Transformation.



IoT – Advanced sensors for recording data from existing machinery and ancillary equipment in industries, flow rates, temperature, weight, viscosity, etc.


Data Analytics – To process such large amount of data gathered every day from the plant, one needs high processing power in order to extract relevant insights to create difference in decision making. Such decisions may have far and wide impact on the bottom line.


AI & ML – Gaining insights from the data is just one aspect of data analytics. Using AI & ML, we can develop smart tools and software that learn continuously and maybe able to pinpoint exactly on the problem when it comes to accidents, break down, maintenance, hazardous areas, etc It can also be combined with CCTV systems to make sure there is no unrestricted access and keep an eye on dangerous situations automatically.


Web based MIS – With adding Web based MIS to your systems, information can be managed very easily as the access to information increases tenfold. The information can be accessed through any and all device capable of using Web browsers and connected to Internet. This information can be managed by Admins who can decide who can have access to what information according to departments and seniority.

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