Construction Safety

Construction Safety Services

01Construction Safety Audit

Construction Safety Audit:Conduct thorough construction safety audits to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

02Staad Design Calculation

Utilize STAAD software for precise structural design calculations, ensuring structural integrity and safety in construction projects.

03Bom, Boq & Pmc Complete Package

Provide comprehensive packages including Bill of Materials (BOM), Bill of Quantities (BOQ), and Project Management Consultancy (PMC)…

04Construction Safety Manual and Checklist Preparation

Develop detailed construction safety manuals and checklists to enhance safety protocols, promoting a secure working environment on construction sites.

05Engineering Design Basis (Civil and Architecture)

Establish the engineering design basis for civil and architectural projects, outlining key parameters and criteria for successful project

06Architecture & Structural Design Drawings

Create detailed architecture and structural design drawings, incorporating safety considerations and precision for effective project planning and execution.