Integrated Audit Services

We are here to help you ensure compliance and drive sustainability with our regulatory, environmental, and social audits. We provide comprehensive assessments, clear reporting, and actionable targets to propel your progress.

Integrated Audit Services Regulatory Compliance Audits

  • Legal Compliance Audit: Ensure adherence to environmental laws and regulations, minimizing legal risks.
  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Registration: Navigate product lifecycle responsibilities efficiently, complying with extended producer obligations.

“Ensuring compliance through Transparency & Reporting”

Integrated Audit Services Environmental Audits

  • Water Audit: Evaluate water consumption and identify potential conservation opportunities.
  • Waste Audit: Streamline waste management by assessing generation, disposal, and recycling processes.
  • Energy Audit: Choose our Energy Audit services to optimize energy consumption, reduce environmental impact, and promote sustainable energy practices.

“Committing neutrality through environmental impact assessments & GHG Inventory services”

Integrated Audit Services Information Assurance Audits

  • Data Assurance Audit:Safeguard data integrity and security through comprehensive information assurance assessments

Integrated Audit Services Social and Human Rights Audits

  • Meeting ethical standards with audits focusing on social responsibility and human rights practices

“Fostering Inclusivity, Equity & Social Justice through Company’s vision”

Integrated Audit Services Regulations

  • Water Management Guidelines (CPCB)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  • National Mission for a Green India (GIM)
  • National Biodiversity Authority
  • Green Building Guidelines (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) (IGBC)
  • National Clean Air Program
  • Renewable Energy Policies (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy)
  • Waste Management Rules (MOEFCC)
  • National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC)