Training & E-Learning


Specialized instruction on thermographic techniques for effective equipment inspection & maintenance.

02Risk Assessment

Comprehensive training in assessing and managing risks to ensure a safe work environment.

03Accident Investigation

Training to skillfully investigate and analyze accidents, promoting a culture of continuous safety improvement.

04Job Safety Analysis

Guidance on conducting thorough job safety analyses, enhancing safety through systematic assessments

05Fire Safety Training

Instruction on fire prevention, response, and evacuation to safeguard personnel and property.

06Road Safety Training

Education on safe driving practices and road awareness for minimizing transportation-related risks.

07HAZOP Training

In-depth training on Hazard & Operability Studies for identifying & mitigating process-related risks.

08Arc Flash Training

Specialized instruction on the prevention and protection against arc flash incidents in electrical systems.

09Electrical Safety

Training to promote awareness and safe practices in the handling of electrical equipment and systems.

10HSE Induction

Induction training to instill a strong understanding of Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) practices.

11Manage Safety

Training in safety management principles for effective leadership in fostering a culture of workplace safety.

12Managing HSE workshop

The Managing HSE Workshop instills leadership skills for effective Health, Safety, and Environment management

13First Aid

First Aid Training: Essential skills for immediate response in emergencies, promoting safety and saving