Merger & Acquisition

Strategic M&A expertise, fostering growth through seamless transitions, maximizing value in dynamic markets.
Risk AssessmentThe M&A Risk Assessment helps companies evaluate multiple security programs and address compatibility issues and potential security gaps. Fire Eye experts analyse and measure the acquisition environment and risk levels across four critical security domains so you can make informed decisions about how to smoothly secure the transitional and post M&A environment.
Industrial System Health checkDuring an Industrial System Health check, Sparrow experts draw knowledge on advanced threat factors, security breaches and Electrical Equipment to evaluate how well the complete system and architecture are segmented, protected and monitored.
Post-Merger IntegrationSparrow post-merger integration (PMI) consultants provide strategic integration planning from Day One. Critical requirements, including, risks, timing, and deal objectives are carefully mapped out. We have proprietary methodologies and tools to help align people, organizational cultures, and work styles to business and deal strategies. Optimizing Value Although corporate buyers and financial buyers may have different incentives, there’s one goal both share: flawless integration that enhances their business objectives