Green Field Project Fire Engineering

Green Field Project

At Sparrow for Green Field projects, we design state of the art & most sophisticated fire systems with detailed engineering that covers three major aspects of conceptual design & detailed engineering.

01Conceptualization and Feasibility Study

From planning new setups and expansion projects to preparing financial restructuring strategies, Sparrow’s comprehensive techno-economic services include:
  • Preliminary Studies
  • Feasibility Reports
  • Project Reports
  • Engineering Studies

02Front End Engineering Design

Sparrow optimizes concept designs through Front End Engineering Design (FEED), enabling clients to make sound investment decisions and execute projects with minimal technical, cost and schedule risks
  • P&IDs & Schematic Design
  • Process Integration
  • Load Listing and Demand Calculation
  • Diversity Factor Calculation

03Detailed engineering

Sparrow provides engineering expertise throughout the project lifecycle, from feasibility studies, layouts and scope documents for design conceptualization, construction management, erection and post-erection evaluations.
  • Design Basis Report
  • Water Demand & Reservoir Capacity
  • Pumping Capacity
  • Layout & Design Development
  • Voltage Drop Calculation & Cable Sizing
  • BOM/ BOQ Preparation
  • Tender Document with Specifications
  • Testing and Inspection Checklists
  • Periodic Maintenance Checklists