Fire Prevention & Passive Fire Protection

Fire Prevention and Passive Fire Protection Scope

Our experts emphasize and suggests a robust building design referred to as Built Fire Protection, which is an important element of a fire safety strategy. It Includes a wide range of practices and products; however, the products should be used in the building structures for containing the fire within the building.


It includes firewalls, fire barriers, fire partitions, and smoke barriers suggested to contain the fire within a specific area.

Opening Protection

It includes fire doors, windows and sealants that must be installed and applied at the opening of a fire barrier.

Structural Fire Protection

Guards the important structural components of a building from fire. It includes fire-proof materials.

Fire Prevention and Passive Fire ProtectionFire Load Calculation process – Sequence

Material Assessment

Quantification and Calculation

Risk Analysis

Fire Prevention & Passive Fire ProtectionFire and Gas Mapping process – Sequence

Data Collection

Risk Assessment and Mapping Strategy

Mapping Execution

Fire Prevention & Passive Fire ProtectionDeflagration Study & Toxic Gas Dispersion Modelling Process – Sequence

Data Collection

Risk Assessment and Analysis

Control Measures and Recommendations

Fire Prevention and Passive Fire ProtectionStandards & Regulation

  • Compliant with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards for fire risk assessment.
  • Adherence to local safety regulations governing combustible material handling and storage.

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